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2020 Brings New Laws And Taxes to Illinois - Checkexpress

2020 Brings New Laws And Taxes to Illinois

A new year (and new decade) brings along changes to Illinois taxes and laws. Are you up to date on these changes? This blog features article New Laws And Taxes In 2020: Recreational Marijuana, Minimum Wage Increase, And More For Illinois sourced from CBS Chicago. “CHICAGO (CBS) — Recreational use of marijuana will be legal for…
Shine Bright with Helpful Strategies for Holiday Savings! - Checkexpress

Shine Bright with Helpful Strategies for Holiday Savings!

This holiday season, no need to feel like a scrooge by trying to save money on your holiday shopping! Checkexpress is going to make your holiday season MUCH merrier by helping you focus on the people you love vs. solely on how much you’re spending on them. According to the Chicago Tribune: “The average American…
Celebrate this Holiday Season: Giving Back to the Chicago Community - Checkexpress

Celebrate this Holiday Season: Giving Back to the Chicago Community

Checkexpress currency exchange is a family owned business. We love celebrating the holidays by giving back to the Chicagoland communities where our customers reside. Through donations and contributions we offer support to a broad range of organizations and programs including the American Red Cross, Illinois Fire Safety Education, YMCA, and many other worthwhile causes. We…
Surprise Dad with the Perfect Father's Day in Chicago- Checkexpress

Surprise Dad with the Perfect Father’s Day in Chicago

Every year in May we celebrate our moms and all the wonderful things they do for us every day. Just a few short weeks later in June, we celebrate the other most important person in our lives: our fathers. A whole day is dedicated to our dad (or other father figure) to shower them with…
Celebrate Mom with the Perfect Mother’s Day - Checkexpress

Celebrate Mom with the Perfect Mother’s Day

Moms certainly have one of the toughest, yet most rewarding jobs out there. Show her your love and appreciation by planning the perfect Mother’s Day this year: Sunday, May 12, 2019 Start Mother’s Day with Brunch! Mother’s Day Brunch Cruise Bring the family aboard Mystic and treat Mom to an event full of her favorite…
Special ways to volunteer in Chicago this Spring - Checkexpress

Special Ways to Volunteer in Chicago!

Spring is officially here, Chicago! The sun sets later and the days get warmer. How will you enjoy the Windy City as the season changes? If you’re looking for a way to give back and volunteer, take a look around! Chicago and the surrounding suburbs are full of opportunities to donate and volunteer. A volunteer…
Plan The Perfect Mother's Day This Year with Checkexpress - Checkexpress

Plan The Perfect Mother’s Day This Year

Moms are everyday superheroes flying at top speed without a cape. Love and tasks are endless: Taking kids to school, carpooling for extracurricular programs, kissing skinned-knees, making sure there is food and clean clothes, and of course the nightly bedtime story. Moms are incredibly busy as many also work outside the home. This Mother’s Day,…
Celebrate NYE Without Breaking the Bank - CheckExpress

Celebrate New Years Eve Without Breaking the Bank

Everyone loves ringing in New Year’s Eve with family and friends, but the common complaints are that event spaces charge too much, throwing parties in the home become costly because of the alcohol and food catering, airfare increases in price, and holiday spending becomes over the top. Don’t let expenses rain on your parade! There…
Red Light Camera Ticket? Pay Here. - Checkexpress

Red Light Camera Ticket? Pay Here.

Did you know that Chicago initiated the first red light camera ticket program back in 2003? The City of Chicago setup enforcement at two intersections: Peterson & Western and 55th & Western. Since then, the program has taken off generating millions of dollars in tickets every year. According to the most recent report by Northwestern University Transportation…