Chicago City Sticker Renewal

Buy & Renew Chicago City Stickers Fast

Is it time to renew your Chicago City Sticker on the go? Look no further! We offer an immediate issue of Chicago City Stickers on the spot. Don’t risk losing your new Chicago sticker in the mail – at Checkexpress, you’ll walk out with your City Sticker in hand ASAP.

Just moved to Chicago, IL? Welcome to the best city in the world!

Quick tip: It’s crucial to buy a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker within 30 days of becoming a resident to avoid penalties and fines.

Fun fact: All Chicago residents who drive or park a vehicle in the city that they are responsible for must get a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker, even if their vehicle is registered outside of Chicago but used within the city limits.

Visit one of our five convenient Chicagoland locations today and get on with your day in no time! For more information, visit the City of Chicago City Clerk’s website:

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