Vehicle Title and Registrations

Quick Auto Title Transfer Services

Need help with getting your vehicle title, new license plates, or renewing your current plates? You’re in luck! Checkexpress is here to make registering your Illinois vehicle a breeze.

As an authorized agent for the Illinois Secretary of State, we’ve got you covered for all things related to auto registration services:

  • Transferring Titles and License Plates: Whether you are buying a new vehicle or transferring ownership, we can facilitate the smooth transfer of titles and license plates to ensure proper documentation.
  • Processing Duplicate/Corrected Titles: In the event of a lost or damaged title, we can assist in issuing duplicate titles promptly. Additionally, if there are any errors on your current title, we can help correct them efficiently.
  • Acquiring New License Plates: Need new license plates for your vehicle? Our team can guide you through the process of acquiring the necessary plates, ensuring compliance with all regulations.
  • Renewing License Plate Stickers: Stay updated with your vehicle stickers by utilizing our services for quick and efficient sticker renewal. Refer to the license plate renewal page for additional details on the renewal process.

Our team will walk you through the process smoothly and make sure everything is taken care of for you! Let us take the hassle out of dealing with vehicle titles and registration. With our expertise, we’ll handle your auto registration needs with care and efficiency.

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