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Top 5 Tips for First-Time Renters in Chicago

May through September are the most popular months for people to move out after college, relocate, find a less-expensive home or perhaps search for a better neighborhood. Chicago is full of community, creativity, eclectic food, cultural diversity, epic sports teams and our famous windy city weather. A Chicago Tribune article shares that “More people are renting instead of buying homes.” While Chicago has an expansive list of gems, Checkexpress wants to share some critical tips with first-time renters before signing their first lease…

Top 5 Tips for First-Time Renters

  • Create a rental checklist. This document decreases your stress while searching because it keeps track of your key priorities such as nearest health club, closet sizes, transportation, etc. See an example here.
  • Know what you can truly afford for rent. The recommendation is to have at least 3 months saved up. The first month alone will add up for the security, pet and utilities deposits.
  • Understand the lease clearly as well as the landlord’s expectations. The last thing you want is to get settled into your new apartment and find yourself having quarrels with the landlord.
  • Ask questions. Define the landlord’s maintenance responsibilities as well as what the tenant is responsible for so there isn’t any confusion.
  • Review the Landlord-Tenant Laws in Illinois to know what to expect when it comes to raising the rent, eviction notice, and so on.

Top 5 Tips for First-Time Renters in Chicago - Checkexpress

Getting Adjusted to Life in the New Neighborhood

After all of the legal papers have been signed and you have moved into your new accommodations, rest assured that Checkexpress has nine Chicagoland locations to serve all of your financial needs.

And so much more!

Our Chicago locations include Pilsen, Logan Square, Wicker Park and UptownIf the suburbs suit you better, visit us in Elmhurst, Deerfield, Roselle, Wheeling and Vernon Hills. Checkexpress values your business and time with exceptional service and convenience. Contact us today, we’re here to help…

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