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Travel Isn't Dead! Here's How To Road Trip Safely During COVID-19 - Checkexpress

Travel Isn’t Dead! Here’s How To Road Trip Safely During COVID-19

After being locked indoors for several months (plus still needing to follow safety precautions and restrictions afterwards) many of us feel the desire to get out and explore! Have you been unsure if it’s safe to travel during the coronavirus? While the pandemic is somewhat limiting of how and where we can travel, there are…
Back 2 School Illinois launches Notes of Inspiration - Checkexpress

Back 2 School Illinois Launches Positivity with Notes of Inspiration

Image Source: Checkexpress has a long standing tradition of giving back to the people, communities, and neighborhoods we serve. We are proud to be sponsors of  Back 2 School Illinois. B2SI works with a number of different community organizations, schools and government agencies to distribute school supplies and get them in the hands of…
Family Resources for Relief During COVID-19 - Checkexpress

Family Resources for Relief During COVID-19

Many of us thought that the coronavirus would be under control by now and that life would go back to normal. Unfortunately this clearly isn’t the case. Illinois’ unemployment rates remain at an all time high and masks are still required everywhere we go. Majority of Illinois schools are now teaching virtually and most professionals…
CPS Teachers Demand a Remote-Start School Year for All Students - Checkexpress

CPS Teachers Demand a Remote-Start School Year for All Students

Featured Image Source: Anthony Vazquez/Sun-Times, Protestors rally outside of City Hall on Monday, Aug. 3, 2020. Autumn is only but a few short weeks away…but with the start of this new season comes a lot of new questions. While in comparison, Chicago seems to be doing better than other major cities in the U.S. with…
Chicago COVID-19 News - Checkexpress

Chicago COVID-19 News: Bars, restaurants, gyms

Featured Image Source: JOSE M. OSORIO/CHICAGO TRIBUNE/TRIBUNE NEWS SERVICE VIA GETTY IMAGES This week’s blog features a breaking news article from ABC 7 Chicago by Diane Pathieu… CHICAGO (WLS) — As Chicago re-imposes COVID-19 restrictions on bars, restaurants and other businesses, Guthrie’s Tavern in Lakeview has announced they will close permanently. The bar announced it…
DIY Summer Fun at Home! - Checkexpress

DIY Summer Fun at Home!

With some states reconsidering their reopening decisions, many people feel less enthusiastic about jumping back into social activities. Chicago has officially moved into Phase 4 despite COVID-19 numbers rising… Read our previous blog about the virtual opportunities for fun that Chicago is offering! Phase 4: Bars and restaurants may reopen for in-person service in this…
Summer in Chicago During Phase 4 - Checkexpress

Summer Fun in Chicago During Phase 4

Summer in Chicago is officially here, however this year is different from previous years. The usual hum of energy surrounding upcoming events has disappeared as annual Chicago events have been cancelled due to COVID-19. While we understand these cancellations are for the benefit of public health and safety, we must admit many of us are…
Guidelines for Illinois Phase 3 Reopening Plan - Checkexpress

Guidelines for Illinois Phase 3 Reopening Plan

Featured article “Illinois Enters Phase 3 of Reopening Plan: Here’s What’s Changing” sourced from NBC 5 Chicago. “Many businesses won’t look the same as they once did and there will still be some restrictions for residents. Most of the state is expected to enter a third phase of reopening under the Restore Illinois plan, meaning…
Your Guide to Making Money Without Leaving Your Couch! Checkexpress

Your Guide to Making Money Without Leaving Your Couch!

After months of shelter in place and a major national increase in unemployment, many of us are discovering that we need a change. You’ve already spent your tax return and stimulus check. It’s time to take back your power over your employment and finances… “As the U.S. economy has slowed to stem the surge of…
Here's What You Need To Be Watching During Quarantine - Checkexpress

Here’s What You Need To Be Watching During Quarantine

Shelter in place has been going on for over a month now. Are you running out of ideas of what to watch during this pandemic? You’ve checked out a few things your friends have suggested, but now you’re ready to discover shows and movies that under normal circumstances might have never been on your radar.…

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