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Spreading Love (Not Germs) This Kindness Month

Between freezing cold weather and still practicing social distancing, Valentine’s Day 2021 is going to look a little different than previous years. But don’t let the prospect of staying home this year make you blue. Get excited about creative ways to share love not only on V-Day but throughout Kindness Month in February! Instead of focusing on one day to show your love for others, why not spread good vibes all month long?
Check out these sweet ideas to get you in the spirit…
Starting with Singles…

Self love all month long is the way to go! While it’s very important to be kind to those around us, it’s just as vital to be kind to yourself too. Take this month to plan special  days of self care for yourself. Maybe you aren’t quite sure what that looks like right now  -don’t stress – we can help! Self care means mapping out time specifically for bringing yourself joy in a healthy and productive way.

Planning ahead is key! While many of us are working from home, it can almost feel like we have less time for ourselves. This makes quality time with ourselves even more valuable than we realize. Plan one day out of the week or a certain amount of time each day specifically for relaxing and doing things you enjoy.

  • In your personal calendar schedule set aside this time. Stick to it! Treat this time like an important business meeting with your mind. This will make it hard to compromise this time in the future. 
  • Remain accountable, let your loved ones know “Sunday nights are my quiet recharge time.” If the people you love and respect know your schedule, they’ll be less likely to interrupt you during these designated times.
  • Create a restful atmosphere and routine. Pick a special robe or pajamas just for your self care days. Buy a few new candles, purchase a nice bubble bath or soothing body oil. Have a stack of interesting books handy to read and unwind. 
  • Turn off your devices – or even dare to put them on silent! Even though we physically see people less, digitally we’re more connected than ever. Give yourself a break from the world of endless notifications while you soak away the stress of the day. 

Spreading Love Kindness Month February - Checkexpress

There are many different ways to soothe the mind. Not everyone is a bubble bath and candle type of personality. Your way of bringing yourself joy could be rearranging a room. You’ve been staring at the same layout of furniture and interior design for the past 11 months! That could drive anyone a little cuckoo. Look around your space…

  • Does that coffee table get in the way? Open up your living space by removing pieces of furniture that you rarely use.
  • Declutter the room you spend most of your time in. Clutter is a big stress maker. Take the time to remove and organize your space to give yourself a feeling of calm.
  • Add a little green! By simply adding a few small plants in a room it can make any space feel more vibrant and like home.
  • Brighten your space by adding curtains that bring in light. Don’t lock yourself away in darkness. Allowing natural light into any space it’s a major energy booster!

“Aim for optimal feng shui (a practice that aims to balance the flow of energy in a space). Although you may not be inviting guests to your home, that doesn’t mean your front entryway or living room can’t be as welcoming as a hotel lobby. Focusing on these areas of your house can easily create a happier and healthier space.” Inspire Design

Fun for Families 

One fun way to love on your family is by learning new skills together! Many families have been spending a lot of time together physically but separated on a deeper emotional level. Parents are holed up in their home offices trying to stay on top of their projects, while the kids are virtually learning all day long from the safety of their rooms or kitchen tables. Bring the family back together by spreading kindness throughout your home… 

Put on your aprons and turn off your ordering apps! Have you been ordering in from GrubHub and DoorDash a lot lately? While this is great in terms of helping local restaurants stay afloat, you may be missing out on a possible bonding experience with the family. Cooking planned meals with your family can help boost everyone’s personal mood as well as health.

Cooking is a delightful way to celebrate kindness month for so many tasty reasons: 

  • Find fun and creative meals to make with the little ones. Give them a chance to be a part of choosing the meal for the day or week. As a family you will begin to value the ingredients in the food you eat. “Kids as young as two years old can be involved in the kitchen, with adult supervision.” Half Your Plate
  • The learning aspect of cooking is tremendous. The kids can potentially learn about other cultures, cuisines and food sources by testing out new recipes! Learning to cook is also a wonderful way to inadvertently teach kids about science and math as well!
  • Get festive with each holiday! Bake cookies with heart sprinkles for Valentine’s Day or bake a cake for a loved one’s birthday. Making your very own dessert makes the experiences even sweeter.

Spreading Love Kindness Month February - Checkexpress

Make magic in your very own home! It’s time to bust out the arts and craft containers and spruce up your crafting skills! A family that creates art together is a family that laughs and sticks together. Sit down at the family table and plan out cool projects to create with your loved ones…

  • With a few simple DIY projects, you may very well spark joy in the home. Decorate the family room with cut bright colored paper hearts for Valentine’s Day! To make the room even more vibrant, use colored tissue paper for your cut out hearts. Tape them to the windows in the room. When the sun shines through them you will have a rainbow of fun colors in your favorite space!
  • Create Kindness Cards for your community. With the help of the whole family, you can make sweet cards to drop in your neighbors’ mail boxes. Not sure what to write in these cards? Try writing quotes of kindness on each card and encouraging the readers to pass it on. 
  • Decorate everyone’s bedroom doors. Help the family to express the things they like most and their personalities by decorating their bedroom doors. Everyone can put their own flare and style on their door. Take inspiration from their favorite superheroes or inspiring individuals in history.

“With work, school, homework, after school activities, friends and more, there are countless activities that compete for time on the family calendar. Family time, however, can serve as an escape from the demands and deadlines of daily life, and is paramount in building strong relationships.

Family time offers many benefits, including building confidence, creating a stronger emotional bond between family members, improving communication skills, better performance in school and reduced behavioral issues, as well as providing an opportunity to make memories built on fun, laughter and togetherness.” Pittsburgh Parent

Cuteness for Couples 

If you are like many of us, you probably used to rely on the outside world to add a beautiful and romantic ambiance to special dates with your partner. While some places are opening up again, try taking this time to step up your acts of kindness towards your partner within the home.  

Create your own special romantic spot in the house. Forts aren’t just for little kids! Take the time to make a tiny little structure that is sure to make your partner feel warm and fuzzy towards you…

  • Build your fort out of sheets, Christmas lights and big fluffy pillows. Need a little more help making a sound structure? Watch this adorable DIY YouTube video on building romantic blanket forts.
  • Inside your romantic little structure, be prepared to treat your partner special with well planned details. Have popcorn, favorite snacks and even sweet love letters describing all your favorite moments with them this past year!
  • Host a private movie night in your fort. Build your structure in front of your TV, video projector or even prop your laptop up inside. Looking for ideas for new shows or movies to watch? Checkout this 2021 must watch list!

Spreading Love Kindness Month February - Checkexpress

It really is the small things that make a big difference. Instead of banking on one grand gesture of romance this month, try something a bit more thoughtful, requiring a little research and foot work… 

  • Did you know that every flower holds a nique meaning? While red roses are gorgeous and hold a traditional sense of romance, they can be a bit expected. Flowers are a beautiful way to express so many different feelings. Learn what your partner’s birthday flower is. Dazzle your loved one with your effort to learn more about the things connected to them. Next time you order or pick up flowers don’t just randomly purchase ones that look pretty, but choose one that is connected to partener in some way. When they receive the flowers explain the full meaning of your choice. “Peonies, which come in many different colors and varieties, are known as the flower of riches and honor. The lush, full blooms embody romance, prosperity, and good fortune,” find more flower meanings with Better Homes & Gardens.
  • Re-create a first date or special occasion you and your partner shared long ago! Surprise them with your memory of the important details and bringing those magic feelings back to life again…
  • Create a little book filled with all of the reasons you love and appreciate your partner. This will be sure to make them smile!

“Research shows that appreciation in a relationship is essential—as it helps foster connection, trust, and intimacy in your relationship. It’s easy to take your partner for granted—especially when you have been together for a little while—but, it’s in your best interest to up your game in appreciating your partner.” Meet Mindful

This month we should all take a little time to focus on how we can make this world a better place. Change starts with you. Checkexpress hopes that we can unite as one through spreading small acts of kindness and love in our communities. Interested in low budget or DIY gift ideas? Check out our guide.
“Constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstandings,mistrust and hostility to evaporate.” Albert Schweitzer 
 Happy Valentines Day & Kindness Month Everyone! We hope you enjoy your celebrations. Need cash? You know where to go!