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Express Auto License Sticker Renewals With A Smile

Sunshine, green grass and tulips blossoming have made it quite obvious that spring has sprung in Chicago! We’re all getting ready for fun road trips, hiking in the forest preserves, fishing, or even taking the boat out for some fresh air on the Chicago River.

Driving to the DMV takes time, usually involves traffic and long, boring lines. Our friendly Checkexpress neighborhood currency exchange makes your experience fast, easy, and convenient to renew your auto license. Pick up your plate sticker and registration card instantly, no worries about it getting lost or delayed in the mail.

Do you live downtown? All Chicago residents must display a current city sticker for passenger vehicles (under 4,500 lbs), large passenger vehicles (over 4,500 lbs) and small trucks. Renew yours instantly with our help!

Express Sticker Renewals With A Smile

Are you a first-time boat owner? Ride the waves this summer on the lake with your new boat! Let us handle your title transfer and registration. We will provide you with a 120-day permit, which will serve as your temporary registration until your three-year boat decals arrive from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Checkexpress has nine convenient locations. We value your time and guarantee express service with quality care!