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5 Reasons your Teen Needs a Prepaid Debit Card

With the rise of online shopping and the depleting of carrying cash around, we can understand how daunting it is giving your teen a credit or debit card. Don’t give up on debit cards just yet! Our prepaid debit card option might be the perfect solution for you and your teen. Now more than ever, families have to keep their spending within a monthly budget and keep finances a little tighter. A prepaid debit card is the perfect way to teach your kids how to spend money responsibly while still having the freedom to buy what they’d like.

Advantages of a prepaid debit include:

1) You, as the parent, can put a limit on how much money your teen is able to spend at a given time. Unlike a regular debit card which is linked to a checking account, a prepaid debit card contains only as much or as little as you’re willing to give. This way your son or daughter can’t go overboard with their purchases.

2) Just like any types of cards, your child may use their prepaid card to purchase items online or even use it while on a vacation. This would be a great way to get birthday or holiday presents without having to leave the house or going over budget.

3) If the card gets lost or stolen, make sure your file a report and cancel the card immediately. You’ll be able to secure what’s left on the card, rather than cash which is never seen again once it’s gone missing or your account getting wiped out by thefts like a regular debit card.

5 Reasons your Teen Needs a Prepaid Debit Card - Checkexpress

4) Experience the convenience of a credit card but without the bills. Using the prepaid debit card will guarantee that there won’t be any late fees or the beginning of debt. Money will be taken from the card directly, no “pay later” options.

5) With your teens in school, or going away to college, this form of payment will teach them how to budget efficiently. This way both you and your child can save money, learn to live within an appropriate budget and both of you can sleep better at night!

Grant your teen some extra freedom and yourself some peace of mind! Visit Checkexpress to load your Prepaid Debit Card.

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