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Why Prepaid Phones Are the Best Starter Phone for Your Teen

Keeping track of your teens this summer is easy with prepaid cell phones.

Large cell phone providers lock customers in with year long contracts and continue to raise your monthly bill. And now your child wants a phone too? Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for you! To help combat expensive cell phone plans, we now offer prepaid cell phones as well as prepaid calling cards.

Many people tend to think that pay-as-you-go phones may not be beneficial to them but don’t rule it out just yet. As many as 25% of people own pay-as-you-go phones in the United States. This number is rising as the price of contracts for larger companies continue to rise. Prepaid phones have many great benefits, especially for parents who can’t afford to add another person to their cell phone plan. Plus, it makes a great starter phone for teens who may not understand the value of an expensive smartphone.

One of the biggest benefits is the freedom it offers to the users, allowing them to spend as much data or as little as they wish. If there is still more left over at the end of the month it simply gets carried over to the next month. This way teens and parents don’t need to worry about losing unused data!

Apart from the freedom, prepaid phones offer other benefits:

Why Prepaid Phones Are the Best Starter Phone for Your Teen - Checkexpress

Just like any technology, prepaid phones have their ups and downs. A disadvantage for prepaid phones is that it limits users’ international contact. But we have a solution for that too! As mentioned before we offer prepaid calling cards. These cards can be used for:

  • International
  • Local
  • Long Distance

Calling cards are great if you have a relative in another country or if your teenager has friends who live abroad. Since there is a pay rate per minute, you and your family can choose a weekly or monthly budget to put aside for long distance calling. This is also great in case of an emergency, all you have to do is use your calling card and forget about the worry of a pricey phone bill.

As technology changes and expenses continue to increase, we have the perfect solution for you and your teen. Contact Checkexpress to learn more about how our prepaid phones will make your life a bit easier and how you can get started!