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Make Your Freshman Year A Success with Money Orders!


It’s that time of year again…school supplies are on sale and college students are stocking up on their dorm decor. Summer vacation is coming to an end. Recently graduated high school students are preparing for their freshman year. While this is a very exciting time, it can also be very nerve-wracking for parents and their new college student who will be leaving the next for the first time out of state or internationally.

With many family’s experiencing this new stage full of uncertainties, one major thing is on their mind: Money. Will my child have enough funds in case of emergencies? How will I send him/her money in a secure way?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Checkexpress’ Money Order Services allows you and your college student to receive or send money to anyone at any time. It’s easy and safe!

What is a Money Order?

A money order essentially is a check purchased and filled with money before being sent to their appropriate target. Do not fret, there is a receipt given to the sender making the action more secure.

Here’s how Money Orders will make life easier for your current situation:
  • You (parent of a college student) can buy the money order from one of our many Checkexpress locations. Fill it out like a check, including the amount and the recipient’s name (your child).
  • You can chooses the amount you wish to put on the money order, usually not exceeding $1,000. This of course does not limit the amount you may buy and fill out. With college expenses getting more costly, one order may not be enough but it is a start.
  • Make sure to have the address of the college student’s home or dorm since money orders require an address for an extra measure of safety. This also applies to the student if they are sending money back home or to someone not in their immediate area.

Make Your Freshman Year A Success with Money Orders - Checkexpress

Why use a money order service?

There are many reasons why this method is convenient for a college student or a parent of a college student…

  • Money orders are great for people who do not have a bank account. All you need is to have cash on hand for when you deposit it into the money order. For college students who may not have a bank account this would be an easy way to receive or send money securely.
  • The service keeps your information private. For those who do have a bank account, but are worried that someone could get a hold of their account number, money orders are a great way to keep that information private.
  • Money orders may be sent overseas for students who are studying abroad. They could be running out of funds or just need an extra boost of cash.
  • It’s a great alternative to mailing cash or a check containing private information that can be intercepted easily.
  • Do not have to worry about overdraft fees. Money orders work as a prepaid check, so whatever money is attached is all that’s available. Students and parents alike will learn the value of planning a budget.
  • Teaches responsibility!

Our goal is to help you and your new college student feel secure during this new transition. Money Orders with Checkexpress are safe, fast and easy. So the next time you’d like to send money to your college student (or vice versa), please feel free to visit one of our locations or contact us for more information!

Here’s to a successful freshman year!


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