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Best Budgeting Tips That Will Save You Money In 2018

Everyone is looking for ways to trim their expenses, stick to their budget and quite simply keep money in their pocket. Checkexpress provides the community with multiple financial services from bill payment, auto license, check cashing and SecureCheck Direct Deposit. We love helping our customers keep money in their wallet and smiles on their faces!

Top 3 Budgeting Tips to Save You Money in 2018:

Ditch Traditional TV: Cut your cable or satellite TV spending by letting go of these services and adding video streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. January is a great time to cash in on Hulu’s exceptional specials, including free trials. The savings from eliminating cable will be astonishing. To view more money saving services, check this out.

Slash Food and Restaurant Spending: Everybody eats whether you are a family of 5 or a college student. The easiest way to ease the cash register pain is to first plan meals around the weekly circular sales and coupons instead of mouth-watering recipes. Grocery IQ is great for people who buy the same items weekly and offers tons of money saving deals. When dining out, first check out the Forks app for the latest deals on living social, open table, ValPak and Choose to eat a later lunch to capture the lunch special rather than eating later when the dinner prices are higher.

Best Budgeting Tips That Will Save You Money In 2018 - Checkexpress

Eliminate Impulse Buys: Simply stated, 84% of us impulse shop. While many of these purchases might be quick snacks, beverages or inexpensive nail polish at the local Walgreens or even Dollar stores they add up over the year to anywhere between $100 to $1,000. This unnecessary spending impacts your budget. If you really want to buy something, wait 24-48 hours and see if it still matters. If it does, then feel free to purchase it!

Cutting expenses and utilizing these budgeting tips results in savings, security and smiles. Imagine enough extra cash to allocate some for a well-deserved vacation! 2018 is the year to gain more financial freedom. Get started on your journey to a bigger wallet today!