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5 Awesome Spring Break Destinations for 2018

Spring Break is every college students’ rite of passage and every parents’ nightmare. The planning never begins too soon for these students as they figure out which destination they want to party at and how will they convince their parent that this is a necessary expense. Checkexpress offers prepaid debit cards, pay as you go or prepaid calling cards and phones to help facilitate these traveling young adults.

Highlighting some of the top hot spots, the list remains pretty constant according to US News and World Report; however there are a few places that have made the must-see-list:

Las Vegas

Sin City ranks high for its affordability, fabulous entertainment, dry heat and people watching. Flights are cheap and often. Hotels are bountiful and the Grand Canyon is a day trip away. Vegas is more of a theme-park than a city. Whatever happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas!

Miami Beach

Who doesn’t want to go to Miami? Its cultural diversity lights up its shoreline creating a fun mix for families as well as singles. America’s Riviera has kid-friendly beaches, affordable lodging and restaurants. Want to kick it up? Head over to colorful South Beach for shopping, eclectic dining and energetic nightlife.

Punta Cana

White sandy beaches, and crystal clear water makes this an attractive all-inclusive vacation mecca. Fitness, fun, dancing and spa without having to leave your hotel. Drinks are usually plentiful and the water’s music rolls over you at the beach. Book early and amazing deals are sure to be found!

Best 5 Spring Break Destinations for 2018 - Checkexpress


Looking to mix a little Vegas with island living? Over 700 islands make up this incredible paradise. The pristine beaches and sand are white-washed, providing plenty of snorkeling and fishing. If high energy is how you like to play, check out the Atlantis which offers many activities for college groups as well as families. Nature lovers will find refuge among the private islands and nature preserves.


Like a cat with nine lives, Cancun continues to rebuild itself and flourish. Parasailing and jet skiing attract the college students as well as the budget friendly travel packages. The nights heat up as well with the grand variety of after hours activities such as the acrobatic dancers at CongoBongo. Break up the party by visiting one of the seven wonders of the world: Chichen Itza.

While many campuses will traditionally play at Daytona Beach, Panama City, Nashville and South Padre Island, it is refreshing to visit places where visitors will see more than just beer bottles. If you receive that frantic phone call that your teenage traveller has run out of money and they need some help even while they are out of the country, stop on in and our staff will help you send money to them quickly. Preparation will save both of you time and trouble!

Wishing everyone a FUN and SAFE Spring Break!
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