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Moving This Spring? Big Reasons To Sign Up For A Private Mailbox

As the weather warms up and the snow has disappeared, Spring marks the beginning of the moving season. April kicks off the start of “peak season” which runs usually through the end of September. It is important to note that professional movers tend to increase their rates at this time as well as their availability since their services are in demand.

Along with finding boxes, packing your items and getting ready for change, people often decide to rent a private mailbox. Why? To insure that their mail doesn’t get lost, packages won’t get stolen or their living arrangements might still be temporary in the new location. Checkexpress private mailboxes keep your mail safe.

Maybe you want a private mailbox for another purpose? Many customers want it for their home business, a second mailing address, faster delivery and security. Whatever your reason we are here to help. Private mailboxes provide multiple benefits which we wanted to share with the public.

Moving This Spring? Big Reasons To Sign Up For A Private Mailbox - Checkexpress

Top Benefits of a Private Mailbox

  • PRIVACY – Home-based businesses benefit the most from a private mailbox. Choosing a separate location adds credibility to a growing new business. Others prefer simply not sharing their home address with strangers or new clients. Acquiring a private mailbox with an address can help ease that worry, allowing for you to smoothly continue your business and acquire new clientele.
  • SECURITY – How many of us have lost mail? It’s probably happened too many times to count. Many of our customers have told us about their packages being stolen. Private mailboxes allow you to have any package delivered and keep it safe until you are ready to pick it up.
  • MOBILITY – You move but your private mailbox doesn’t. People move to different homes or locations for various reasons, whether that reasoning is personal, job related or just needing a new environment. A private mailbox allows your mail to be delivered at the specific mailbox without it being lost in the chaos. It also is quite efficient and saves you time because you no longer have to keep track of where the mail is being sent. No more headaches!

Private mailboxes are a great way to keep track of your personal belongings, or simply keep some details of your life private in a day and age where social media makes it difficult. Service is our number one priority.

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