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Money Transfer is Easy as 1,2,3


Have you ever found yourself needing to send someone money quickly but you are unsure of how to do it? Sure you could send a check, but why risk it? Checks can easily get lost or stolen and next thing you know your bank account has been drained by thieves. The better option is to use one of our secure, fast money transfer services

Ease of use

There are many benefits to sending a money transfer, from ease of use to how quickly the funds are sent. Say for example you need to send money to your son or daughter to help pay for college, but they need the money that same day. All you need to do is simply choose one of our services, MoneyGram or Western Union, and follow the simple steps to send out your money. It takes less than ten minutes and in just three easy steps your money will be on its way.

It’s simple

1) Choose where you want to send the money

2) pick what account the money will be sent from

3) decide whom you want to send the money – it’s that easy!

If you choose to use Western Union, they give you the ability to track the money you sent, making sure it is received in timely and worry-free manner.

Money Transfer is Easy as 1,2,3 - checkexpress

Pay your bills

Money transfer is also a great way to pay bills. Paying bills online can leave your information open to hackers. Using a check can leave you open to the check getting stolen or lost, as we mentioned before. The safe alternative is paying with a money transfer. You don’t have to worry about your information being stolen and it gives you the ability to track the money and make sure the bill is paid. You will also have record that you paid your bill in the event the bill company claims you didn’t pay on time. How great is that?

Money transfers make sending money simple and secure. Next time you need to send money, pay a bill or transfer money to another one on your accounts, check out our MoneyGram or Western Union services and we will help you set up a money transfer!

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