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The Best Festivals & Activities in Chicago this Summer

Summer in Chicago is an exciting time full of vibrant activities, festivals and concerts…

Teens and young adults gather their friends to venture into the city to explore. As parents we know it can sometimes be a hassle to drive our teenagers everywhere. Most young people feel empowered when then travel on their own as they start to become more independent. With so many options in every neighborhood, it’s easy to make an entire day of exploring Chicago. Chicago is the 6th most walkable city in the U.S. with an easy-to-navigate downtown grid. Madison Street divides the city north and south, while State Street divides it east and west. The State/Madison intersections marks the origin of Chicago’s address grid system. With over nine locations, Checkexpress services makes commuting so easy by selling our re-loadable Ventra Transit cards. Simple public transportation by rail and bus which will take your young people anywhere within Chicago!

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Just want quick access to cash? Withdraw your money at one of our convenient ATM machines. For added safety and security, many of our locations have ATM machines are located within lobbies.

The Best Festivals & Activities in Chicago this Summer - Checkexpress

One thing parents can be sure of, your teens and young adults will never run out of fun things to do in Chicago this season. Summer festivals are huge in Chicago. Recently, Choose Chicago published a fabulous guide to a variety of popular events. Some of the most anticipated festivals are Taste of Chicago (7/11-7/15/18), Pitchfork (7/20-7/22/18), Lollapalooza (8/2-8/5/18). Another definite crowd pleaser is the Millennium Park Summer Film Series (6/5-8/21/18), the Maggie Daley Park where they will skate, climb and play mini-golf along Lake Michigan, or even ride the Centennial Wheel at the iconic Navy Pier.

When Checkexpress first opened, we primarily cashed checks. Today, we offer a wide range of financial services that are convenient and helpful to our community and customers. Parents, let us help you navigate the best travel & money solutions for your teens & young adults this summer so everyone has fun!