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DIY Summer Fun at Home!

With some states reconsidering their reopening decisions, many people feel less enthusiastic about jumping back into social activities. Chicago has officially moved into Phase 4 despite COVID-19 numbers rising… Read our previous blog about the virtual opportunities for fun that Chicago is offering!
Phase 4: Bars and restaurants may reopen for in-person service in this phase, following “IDPH-approved safety guidance,” which includes capacity limits and personal protective equipment for employees. Schools and child care centers are open and gatherings of 50 people or fewer are allowed. Not everyone is ready to jump back out into the world, and that’s ok! Try not to feel discouraged about choosing to stay home a little while longer. Doing what’s best for your family is always the right decision. Here is a tool for tracking Illinois reopening phases.
So now what? Your family doesn’t want to just sit around and do nothing this summer! Have no fears, Checkexpress has put together an awesome list of fun activities to do from the comfort & safety of your home!
Make Your Own Drive-In Movie Theater!

Be creative with the family and friends you miss the most! Create a mini drive in-movie theatre! This way everyone can enjoy seeing each other all from the safety of their cars! Make your own drive-in screen by using a basic projector onto a white garage door or propping up a plain white sheet. Read more about setting up an DIY drive-in here. Pop some buttery popcorn, put them in simple brown sandwich bags, have them set up in the driveway in a little red wagon. Next to it place a little cooler filled with assorted drinks and Ta-da you have a low maintenance snack set up which won’t require physical contact with your fellow viewers.

DIY Summer Fun at Home! - Checkexpress
Create a Virtual Concert Hall!

Bring the symphony to your own home! Grab some instruments or even objects from around the house and have your little ones play along to your favorite classics. Share your concert with family and friends by using Zoom or Facebook live. Or simply watch the classics on Knight Classical, you can create a personalized virtual concert for FREE! And don’t forget about Ravinia TV! Feeling bummed about the cancellations of Ravinia’s 2020 summer schedule? Don’t sing the blues, Ravinia has now created a weekly music series that will happen every Friday night! Another option for couples: turn your concert into a “date night in the park (aka backyard) by lighting tiki torches, sprinkle some flower petals from your garden, and press play on your laptop melodic tunes.

DIY Summer Fun at Home! - Checkexpress
Have Your Own Food Festival!

Try new foods from local black owned local businesses in your area to show your support. Here is a link to Chicago’s Black-owned restaurants, organized by neighborhood. Expand your palate with flavors you’ve never tasted! Create a mini tasting area and enjoy all the new wonders of food while playing good music outside…

DIY Summer Fun at Home! - Checkexpress
Host Your Own Summer Camp in the Backyard!

Majority of summer camps have been cancelled for summer 2020. Keep the children’s spirits high by creating your own family camping experience! This is a fun way to let the kids feel some independence while in the safety of their backyard. For daytime fun: Check out this list of simple at-home activities to keep the kids occupied! Think obstacles courses, arts and crafts, and gardening. For overnight fun: Pitch a tent, purchase a portable fire pit, roast marshmallows, and tell stories under the night stars.

DIY Summer Fun at Home! - Checkexpress
We are already halfway through summer 2020 in Illinois. Let’s all try to make the best of it despite the circumstances! Checkexpress is here to help you do just that! Please stay healthy, and give us a call if you have any questions about any of our Chicagoland currency exchange locations, we’d love to hear from you.