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Ventra Cards Will Make Your College Life 100x Easier


School is back in session for Chicago’s students! The time has come once again for making new friends, attending study groups, and don’t forget the joys of commuting to class *sarcasm*. If you’re one of the few students who has yet to start the school year and are worried about transportation costs, fear no more. At Checkexpress we offer Ventra cards to make your city college experience a bit easier! They are easy to use and make commuting to Chicago’s campuses (UIC, Depaul, etc.) simple…

With a low one-time fee, which will turn into transit value upon registration, you will be making your way through Chicago just like all other students in no time! Now you may be wondering Why do I need a Ventra card?  Let’s get started:

  • You won’t need to carry cash on you for the sole purpose of paying for the CTA or the subway. This extra change can go towards anything, even the washing machine. Plus it eliminates the fear of losing your travel money or accidentally spending it on other things. In the unfortunate event that your card gets stolen, Ventra will help you recover it!
  • No more parking fees! As parking becomes more and more expensive, a Ventra card will cut costs. No need to add more fees onto your loans when you have the option of purchasing a Ventra card with us!
  • Pay for CTA, Metra and Pace all in one place!

How a Ventra Card Will Make Your College Life Easier - Checkexpress

  • With people speeding to hurry to work or even school accidents happen. According to this article, “Car accidents are responsible for approximately 40,000 deaths (and many more injuries) per year, making them one of the largest causes of death for people aged 1-44.” If you’re uncomfortable driving in the city don’t risk it, a Ventra card will take you wherever you need.
  • There are health benefits from taking the bus or subway with a Ventra card! Headaches from traffic and speeding beeping cars will be a thing of the past. People who take the transit system walk more, making them more healthy and allowing them to increase their steps on their FitBit!
  • Using a Ventra card to take the CTA or subway means more travel with less pay, whether to school or elsewhere. Driving is expensive, especially with today’s gas prices. Taking a taxi or Lyft isn’t much cheaper. The bus on the other hand will take you to your destination for a fraction of the price of the other options.

After you purchase your Ventra card from Checkexpress, you can download the Ventra Chicago App on your phone to easily reload your account anytime.

School is a stressful time of the year for many reasons – Don’t let transportation be one of them! Call or contact us to get your Ventra card today! Stop by one of our several Chicagoland locations to get started…


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