Win Homecoming Court this Year with Checkexpress Financial Services - Checkexpress

Win Homecoming Court this Year with Checkexpress Financial Services


Dresses, tuxes, and corsages. It’s homecoming season!

Every year, highschoolers prepare to ask someone to be their date for this amazing day filled with pictures, dancing and fun. Before the actual day of homecoming there is a lot of planning and shopping involved! Girls have to find the perfect dress, shoes and salon to have their hair and nails done. Whereas boys get a new suit and fresh haircut to impress their date. Homecoming is a day most high school students dream of since beginning their freshmen year.

While the young adults have fun planning for this day, parents get the job of figuring out ways to pay for it. That’s where Checkexpress comes in to play. As a family run business, we’re here to serve you and your family so that everyone is happy in the end!

Win Homecoming Court this Year with Checkexpress Financial Services - Checkexpress

Here are a few of our many services:

  • Debit Card Load and Unload: Need to withdraw money from a debit card to pay for your child’s homecoming outfit? At Checkexpress we will do that for you, whether it’s only a small amount or a large one. We want to make it as easy as possible for you and your child to enjoy the homecoming shopping experience!
  • Prepaid Debit Card: Want to give your child the offer of chopping with friends or on their own? Worried about giving them the credit card? With our direct deposit service you can load any amount you wish in the debit card, giving your child an appropriate limit during their shopping. This way they cannot go beyond the amount of money available in the card, teaching them to be financially responsible individuals.
  • Money Order: With our money transfer service you can send money to anyone you wish. This way you can send money to your child with this safe service and allow them to shop and live their homecoming dream if you don’t live with them.

At Checkexpress we want everyone to enjoy their homecoming experience without letting money problems getting in the way. Contact us for more information, and we wish your child a safe night at Homecoming!