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Life Hack: Get Organized for 2019 with Checkexpress

Are you looking to declutter and get organized? Start 2019 with a clean slate? The new year is a perfect time to conquer the clutter & start the year off right by taking advantage of the many financial services we offer! Getting organized gives you peace of mind and can help you save money by budgeting and planning expenses.
Here are six ways Checkexpress can help you start organizing your finances ASAP!
1.   Bill Payment

Avoid paying a late fee when you can pay your bills quick and easy with Checkexpress bill payment services. We offer a convenient one-stop shop for paying credit cards, cable, insurance premiums, loans, and more!

2.   MoneyGram Express

Receive money, pay bills, track your payments, and estimate your fees using the MoneyGram convenient and easy-to-use app.

3.   License Plate Renewal

Do you know when your license plate sticker expires? Be prepared this year and check your license plate expiration date. We offer instant renewals with just 3 pieces of information:

  • Vin
  • License plate number
  • Month/year your plate expires
4.   Direct Deposit

Direct deposit can help you save money and stay organized with minimal effort! Our direct deposit options give you the power to decide. Receive a check, debit card, cash or a combination of all three! Divide your money up into different goals. For example, place some money into a vacation fund, allowance for the kids, or something else.

5.   Income Tax Preparation

If you start to get organized for the tax year now, tax filing will be less stressful. Meet with a Checkexpress representative for more information on how to get started!

6. Private Mailbox

It’s important to know where your mail is being delivered while feeling confident your mail is safe! The top benefits of a personal mailbox are privacy, security, and mobility.

Crush your goals in 2019 by getting your finances in check! Checkexpress can help you get organized by visiting one of our nine Chicagoland locations.

Here’s to a happy, fun new year!