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Your Teenager is Now a Licensed Driver. We’ve Got You Covered!

Although your teen might be counting the days until they can get their driver’s license, as a parent you might be a bit worried about your child’s safety and your insurance premium increasing along with gas, repairs, etc. Besides that, it’s important to remember to be proud of your teen growing up and celebrate their accomplishments!

It’s time, your teen traded in their driving permit for a driver’s license! Now that your teenager is officially driving, it’s important to have their new car registered! How do you prepare? Let us help…

Need a title? Need new license plates? Both? Let our expert team get your vehicle registered quickly.

Checkexpress is authorized agent for the Illinois Secretary of State and allowing us to process all types of vehicle registration transactions such as:

  • Title and license plate transfers
  • Duplicate/Corrected Titles
  • Obtain License Plates
  • License Plate Renewal Stickers (see license plates renewal page for more info)

Vehicle Title and Registration

The first point is critical. If you’re buying your teen a new car, or gifting them the family car, you can transfer the title and license plate to their name. This will give your teen responsibility and legal ownership of the vehicle.

Before giving your teen a new car, it’s important to make sure the city sticker and license plate sticker are up to date as well.

City Sticker Renewal

  • Is your teen starting college in the city and planning to live in Chicago? You must purchase a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker within 30 days of residing in the City to avoid late fees and fines.
  • The Chicago City sticker must be renewed yearly!
  • For more information on vehicle sticker transfer, renewals etc. Visit Chicago City Clerk.

License Plate Renewal

  • The license plate sticker must be renewed yearly! Do you know when yours expires? Avoid the late fee or traffic ticket and check your license plate!
  • Why make your teen wait for their license plate sticker to arrive in the mail? At Checkexpress, we give you the renewal sticker instantly. Walk out with your new registration and decal in hand!
Being and parent with a driving teen can be frightening. Here are a few tips to consider when transferring a vehicle to your child:
Most importantly, remind your teen:
  • Don’t text and drive
  • Never drive intoxicated or get in the car with someone who’s under the influence
  • Always wear a seatbelt
Our friendly Checkexpress neighborhood currency exchange makes your experience fast, easy, and convenient! Checkexpress knows the expenses that come with having a new driver, but let us help you begin the vehicle registration process & get organized! Visit one of our nine locations for assistance.