Give Your Elder Loved Ones More Independence with Checkexpress - Checkexpress

Give Your Elder Loved Ones More Independence with Checkexpress

Loss of independence can be very discouraging to older adults. They have spent their entire lives living independently, working jobs, raising families, and making decisions. Are you worried about your aging parent or grandparent being able to manage their finances responsibly? We’re here to help!
The following services at Checkexpress can help your elderly loved one find their independence once again, while granting the rest of the family a peace of mind…
Speaking with a loved one for few minutes everyday can brighten anyone’s mood!

A major challenge the elderly face is loneliness. “The natural effects of aging can sometimes make independent living harder than it once was. Difficulties with mobility, behavioral health conditions such as isolation and loneliness, and financial strains are just some of the contributors to a loss of independence in aging adults.” AARP . Keep your loved ones connected and lift their spirits by providing them with a cellphone. They can call all of their friends from bingo or keep in touch with the grandkids at college. Keep their plan simple by using our Cellular Products!

At Checkexpress, we offer many mobile solutions to meet your phone needs! Whether you are looking to purchase a pay-as-you-go phone or calling cards, we’ve got you covered. Services offered include:

  • Pre-paid Cell Phones
  • Pre-paid Calling Cards
    • Local
    • Long Distance
    • International

Quick Tip: Let your loved ones write letters. There is something heartwarming about sending and receiving letters from people we care about. Skip the line at the post office by getting Postage Stamps from us! 

Don’t let the bills stack up…

They once taught you how to balance your checkbooks and pay your bills on time. Now your elder parents’ bills are stacked up messily on the dining room table. Having to continue to stay on top of all the utility bills has become stressful for them. Take away the stress of having to sort through their bills by letting Checkexpress connect the utility bills to direct withdrawal. 

Pay your monthly bills quick and easily with Checkexpress Bill Payments services! Credit cards, cable, insurance premiums, loans, internet, and other utilities all taken care of at one place. We provide electronic bill pay to hundreds of companies fast and secure. We also offer MoneyGram ExpressPay!

Once your loved one no longer has to worry about staying on top of their finances, they can spend more time enjoying their golden years!

Everyone needs their own spending money!

Is your loved one in an assisted living home or do they still work part time? Protect their funds while they go about their daily business! Checkexpress offers Prepaid cards. This will reduce the anxiety of your l parents or grandparents being without money, having it stolen, over-spending, or losing their cash. We sell and load Green Dot Prepaid Debit Cards at Checkexpress! Using our prepaid debit card services, you can:

  • Obtain a new debit card
  • Load funds on an existing debit card
  • Experience the convenience of a credit card without the bills
  • Use it wherever VISA is accepted
  • Have peace of mind with FDIC insurance

Quick Tip : Checkout our Ventra Card services for your elderly family member who needs help getting to the library or health club!

Give Your Elder Loved Ones More Independence with Checkexpress - Checkexpress
Protecting the elderly from finance scams…

Another great reason to use our Prepaid Cards is they can help monitor your elderly family member financial allowances. The cards are also insured and controlled by you! This will help to prevent any “funny” business…. “Financial elder abuse, in which a senior citizen is coerced, bullied, or tricked into relinquishing hard-earned assets, is the most common form of elder abuse and the fastest growing. Yet by one estimate only 1 in 44 victims reports the crime.” Consumer Report 

The DMV is stressful for EVERYONE!

Does grandpa love his Cadillac, but hates the DMV? Save your loved one the stress of having to stand in line for hours at a time. We all know just how stressful the DMV can be. Imagine the emotional toll or physical pain it can take on the elderly. Reduce their stress about getting these state/city vehicle requirements by using Checkexpress for the following: 

  • Licence Plates – We offer instant renewals for Cars, Trucks, Trailers and RV’s. No worries about your sticker getting lost or delayed in the mail.No renewal form required… just provide us the following three pieces of information:
  1. VIN
  2. License Plate #
  3. month/year your plates expire
  • City Stickers – Did you know… “All Chicago residents driving and/or parking a vehicle for which they are responsible in the City of Chicago must purchase a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker. This includes Chicago residents that maintain their registration outside of the City of Chicago, but use the vehicle in the City.”
While we cannot avoid some barriers to independence, we can take the time to understand the importance of independence in seniors and look for ways to increase opportunities to increase their daily freedoms and capabilities. Checkexpress is at the service of the whole family to ensure everyone lives their best lives for many years to come!