Your Guide to Making Money Without Leaving Your Couch! Checkexpress

Your Guide to Making Money Without Leaving Your Couch!

After months of shelter in place and a major national increase in unemployment, many of us are discovering that we need a change. You’ve already spent your tax return and stimulus check. It’s time to take back your power over your employment and finances…
“As the U.S. economy has slowed to stem the surge of coronavirus, unemployment levels have hit record highs. Since March 16th, roughly 26.4 million Americans have filed for unemployment. But each state has been affected differently by the health and economic impacts of coronavirus.” CNBC
After spending a lot of time lounging on the couch and watching Netflix, you’re feeling motivated to start making money from home! This quarantine might be a great opportunity to turn your hobbies from something you do for fun on the weekend into a paycheck! But how?
Are you ready to put yourself out there to create your own stream of income – but not sure what direction you’d like to take your talents? Checkexpress is here to guide you through the digital era of virtual monetizing, without having to leave your house!

1. Teach Online/Virtual Classes: The very first thing you need to do is decide what you’d like to share with the world, possibilities range from coding, makeup, to art! Next, how you will showcase your class and which platform is best for the subject? We recommend using Zoom when creating a way to lead online classes. Zoom is a video communications software that will help you interact with students from around the world! 

Harvard University shares an “In-depth Guide: using Zoom to teach online class sessions” to lead you through the technical aspect and provide tips for using the platform. Our favorite tip: Encourage a sense of community by making sure everyone uses their web cam to see their faces!

2. Personal Trainer: Fight the quarantine 15! Time to take all of your fitness skills and become a virtual personal trainer! There’s a lot of money to be made in the fitness industry. “The global interactive fitness industry was already expected to grow by $5.44 billion between 2020 and 2024, even before the coronavirus pandemic closed many businesses (including gyms) and forced millions of Americans to work from home” Market Watch.  

Now that many Americans have been trapped indoors eating their feelings, experts are calling this extra weight gain “the quarantine 15”. People are ready to shed these unwanted pounds.  Check out the 21 Best fitness YouTube channels (2020) for SWEATspiration

3. Virtual Assistance: People are realizing that remote working is a lot harder than they originally thought. With family and many distractions floating around your daily “work day”, there has become an increased need for virtual assistants. Remote workers are finding themselves overwhelmed and need guidance with maintaining their workload and balancing everyday life.

Are you the right person to help them stay organized? Horkey Handbook says: Depending upon your skills and interests, you’re almost guaranteed to find something that will appeal to potential clients. Here are a few examples: Customer support, Processing online orders and refunds, Website design, Calendar management and travel arrangements, Content creation for blogs and ghostwriting, Email management, Bookkeeping and more!

Your Guide to Making Money Without Leaving Your Couch! Checkexpress

4. Podcaster/Blogger: Now is the time to share your perspective with the world! More people are reading blogs and Op-ed articles now than ever before,As millions of people go online for entertainment and more, total internet hits have surged by between 50% and 70%, according to preliminary statistics. Streaming has also jumped by at least 12%, estimates show.” Forbes.

Share your experience with the shelter in place order or just your thoughts on something you are passionate about (music, art, sports, culture, makeup, etc).Whatever you write, let it come from your heart and it will ring true to your audience. Great examples of straight shooters and opinionated podcasters/bloggers are: Joe Rogan, Gary Vaynerchuck, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Amy Will.

5. Start a Resale Business: Start fresh by selling all of the things you no longer want or need! This may include clothes, shoes, electronics, vintage/antique and collectibles online. “Online peer-to-peer marketplace sites have made it easier than ever for private individuals to turn a quick buck selling unwanted items. Whether on eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or some other platform, you can list and sell virtually any product you own with just the click of a few buttons” Business News Daily.

By starting your own online resale shop, you’ll give yourself an opportunity to not only make money but to purge yourself of things that no longer spark joy and are collecting dust! For further help with organizing/downsizing, checkout: Mari Kondo’s YouTube page.

6. Translator: With the massive increase of global communication, companies like Gengo are in need of translators! Are you fluent in multiple languages, enjoy converting information from one language to another, and like talking to new people? This might be the perfect job for you. Apply to be a translator at Gengo.

7. Online Surveys: If you’re already online shopping, you might as well get paid for what you are doing! On average, online surveys take only a few minutes to half an hour. Need to know where to start? Here’s a list of the best paid online survey websites to start earning ASAP.

While losing one’s job is a huge bummer and can cause stress for you and your family, we’re here to help you look on the bright side! One of the benefits about being unemployed during quarantine is that you have newfound time to do some self exploration and develop new skills! Checkexpress hopes this guide not only finds you in good health, but that it may give you HOPE! Today is a new day of possibilities, let’s embrace it together!