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Travel Isn't Dead! Here's How To Road Trip Safely During COVID-19 - Checkexpress

Travel Isn’t Dead! Here’s How To Road Trip Safely During COVID-19

After being locked indoors for several months (plus still needing to follow safety precautions and restrictions afterwards) many of us feel the desire to get out and explore! Have you been unsure if it’s safe to travel during the coronavirus? While the pandemic is somewhat limiting of how and where we can travel, there are…
Back 2 School Illinois launches Notes of Inspiration - Checkexpress

Back 2 School Illinois Launches Positivity with Notes of Inspiration

Image Source: Checkexpress has a long standing tradition of giving back to the people, communities, and neighborhoods we serve. We are proud to be sponsors of  Back 2 School Illinois. B2SI works with a number of different community organizations, schools and government agencies to distribute school supplies and get them in the hands of…

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