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Back 2 School Illinois Launches Positivity with Notes of Inspiration

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Checkexpress has a long standing tradition of giving back to the people, communities, and neighborhoods we serve. We are proud to be sponsors of  Back 2 School Illinois. B2SI works with a number of different community organizations, schools and government agencies to distribute school supplies and get them in the hands of children in need. Every year, they help provide hundreds of thousands of school supplies to deserving children in Illinois.
Recently, B2SI launched a fun initiative to help keep spirits high during the pandemic. Learn more in this article from the Daily Herald
“Back 2 School Illinois launches Notes of Inspiration” by Jeff Salzgeber.

Back 2 School Illinois, a nonprofit organization that provides kids from low-income families with free school supplies, has announced the launch of its Notes of Inspiration initiative.

The statewide program is designed to boost underserved students’ self esteem by providing notes of encouragement in each Back 2 School kit to inspire and engage recipients.

Back 2 School Illinois is launching the initiative amidst the coronavirus epidemic in an effort to engage Illinois residents in a positive, community-building activity that offers them a creative outlet, while also encouraging underserved students to achieve both inside and outside of the classroom.

To participate, visit and fill out the online Notes of Inspiration form, which asks for contact information and the number of note cards you would like to receive in the mail, ranging from 10-30.

After doing so, you will receive a package from Back 2 School Illinois within a week that includes: blank note cards, instructions, an outer mailing envelope, inner return envelope, return mailing label and a donation envelope for those who want to make a donation.

Parents, community leaders, students 16 and older and faculty members are invited to participate in the program.

“There are over 1.2 million students in Illinois living in low-income households. Last year alone, B2SI provided more than 1 million school supplies to these students,” Back 2 School Illinois CEO Matthew Kurtzman said.

Back 2 School Illinois launches Notes of Inspiration - Checkexpress

Back 2 School Illinois encourages participants to be as creative as possible when writing the notes, and to also try to personalize them for the students.

“We suggest that you sign or print your first name at the bottom of the note, and to be as colorful as you want with the note. Use stickers, crayons or markers if the spirit moves you. Your notes can be as simple or complex as you wish,” Kurtzman said.

Participants who’d like to help out even more should consider making a donation using the enclosed envelope or by donating online at

The Back 2 School program was launched in 2007 by the Community Currency Exchange Association of Illinois to address the pressing needs of communities and the inequities in educational opportunities for children.

In 2015, the nonprofit changed its name to Back 2 School Illinois to reflect the work of the organization.

Today, B2SI is the largest free school supplies program in the state, serving children of low-income households and lessening the financial burden for their families. The Back 2 School program has provided more than 260,000 children with their own school supply kit since its inception.

The organization’s long-term goal is to provide the more than one million Illinois children from low-income families each year with the school supplies they need to succeed in the classroom.

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  • Our Back 2 School initiative is the largest school supply distribution program in the entire state. In 2019, we provided over 1 MILLION school supplies to 33,920 underprivileged children through government agencies and community organizations/schools. The bulk of our supplies are distributed in the form of Back 2 School kits, each containing approximately 30 school supplies that are age-appropriate for the recipient.
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