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Family Resources for Relief During COVID-19

Many of us thought that the coronavirus would be under control by now and that life would go back to normal. Unfortunately this clearly isn’t the case. Illinois’ unemployment rates remain at an all time high and masks are still required everywhere we go. Majority of Illinois schools are now teaching virtually and most professionals continue to work from home full time.
This is an unprecedented public health challenge. But make no mistake, with everyone working to battle its transmission, Chicagoans will prevail against COVID-19 and come through this stronger than ever.” Get answers to frequently asked frequently asked questions here!
Checkexpress has been a staple of the Chicago & Northwest Suburb community for over 85 years. We consider our customers to be family. We want to do everything we can to help you and your family stay afloat during these tough times…
Emergency Unemployment Checks are Delayed and a Second Stimulus is Unknown

Recently there have been some serious setbacks with unemployment and the need for emergency financial aid. Many small businesses are finding their once established mom and pop shops closing their doors forever. Even major corporations and chains have been making major layoffs. Without an end in sight, many of Illinois’ unemployed are desperate to make ends meet and continue paying their bills. Learn about the federal funds available to you and get a status update on a possible second stimulus check. “Economists said the emergency federal checks this year have kept the economy functioning, fueling spending that has supported restaurants, retailers and other businesses.” Chicago Tribune

In Between Jobs? Need Assistance?

With so much instability in our economy, it’s hard not to be worried or overwhelmed if you’ve lost your job due to COVID-19. It’s unfortunate that so many people are struggling to make ends meet. As your neighborhood financial agent, Checkexpress has collected a variety of resources to help unemployed families, children, and the elderly in Chicago during this time. This list will provide you with some specific avenues to find help during this pandemic in Cook and Lake County. Read more about these resources here.

Searching for a New Way to Earn Money?

It looks as though unemployment is becoming more of a long term situation for many Chicagoans. The time has come for people to use their personal talents to create an income. These ideas are also helpful for parents that no longer have the option to leave home for work due to children learning remotely. Are you ready to put yourself out there to create your own stream of income – but not sure what direction you’d like to take your talents? Read our guide to earning money without having to leave your house!

Family Resources for Relief During COVID-19 - Checkexpress
Discover Simple Ways to Make Payments

Digitize your financial activities with online banking. Most people opt for staying at home to be safe and not using cash to prevent spreading germs. The ability to use your cards to pay online for food, bills, and every day needs has become second nature – and convenient!

Bill Payment Services: Pay your bills quick and easily with Checkexpress bill payments services. Credit cards, cable, insurance premiums, loans, internet, and other utilities all taken care of at one place. We provide electronic bill pay to hundreds of companies fast and secure. We also offer MoneyGram ExpressPay!

Direct Deposit: Our Direct Deposit options give you the power to decide. Receive a check, debit card, cash or a combination of all three. The choice is yours!

Prepaid Debit Cards: We sell and load Green Dot Prepaid Debit Cards at Checkexpress! Using our prepaid debit card services, you can obtain a new debit card, load funds on an existing debit card, experience the convenience of a credit card without the bills, and have peace of mind with FDIC insurance

Keeping the Kids Engaged While Learning at Home

The Fall 2020 school year has begun with most Illinois students remote learning. This poses an unprecedented challenge for most households, parents are now being expected to be teachers while maintaining their regular jobs and responsibilities. Parents are asking themselves “How can we keep our kids engaged and not distracted during this new teaching process?” Chicago Better saves the day with tips for helping parents and children experience a successful remote school year!

Helping Your Elderly Family Members Take Care of Themselves

During this time, it’s even more important to protect our most vulnerable population. There are a variety of ways to empower and care for our older community during the pandemic. Read how to help your loved ones remain financially independent and protected from online scams. For our disabled community, here are some helpful resources for your everyday needs.

Getting Groceries and Essential Items Safely

Check out these ways to get groceries for your family or a loved one without putting your safety at risk! There are several services and mobile apps available to deliver groceries and fresh meals quickly. You can also arrange parking lot pickups to maintain social distancing.

Staying Healthy and Well

Even though we are mostly at home, it’s still important to stay up to date with wellness checks, receive prescriptions, and feel good! Stay connected to your doctors through virtual visits and phone appointments. Everyone deserves access to medical treatment. Here are a few ways you can schedule a virtual doctor appointment, order medicine, or get tested for COVID-19.

Family Resources for Relief During COVID-19 - Checkexpress
Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

We’re bombarded with so many distractions at home, extra responsibilities, and constantly hearing disheartening news on TV. Giving our mental, physical, and emotional health a little extra TLC during this time is much needed! We all deserve to be happy and try to make the best of any situation. Here are some ideas to stay moving and get out of the COVID funk:

Bonus Resources…

Check out this wonderful list of resources curated by local moms for local parents, grandparents, and caregivers. This website shares a wide range of ways to help Illinois families with meals, birthday parties, clothes, and toys. They can even recommend where to find restaurants where kids eat free. Find preschools and daycares near you. And get creative school lunch ideas!

Parents, you’ll love this article Coronavirus in Chicago: What Parents Need to Know by the Chicago Parent with information abouts tips, volunteering, cancellations, activities, and more!

During this time, it’s more important than ever to work together and look out for one another! The Checkexpress family wants you to know that you’re not alone. We we will continue to stay open and help our customers as much as possible while it is safe to do so. For more details on how we can help you with your financial needs, please click here. We hope you stay safe, healthy, and happy!