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New Year, New Job: Top 5 Tips for Your Next Career Move

Congratulations, you’ve made it through 2020! This was no light feat…this past year was definitely a character builder for most. 2020 may have lit a fire under many people to start pursuing new life goals and career moves. Now is the time to shake off all your fears of change and the unknown! There are actually many advantages to searching for a job at the beginning of a new year.
According to Forbes: In November, roughly 10.7 million people were unemployed—trending down from October, but still 4.9 million higher than in February, one month before the coronavirus crisis was declared a pandemic. How does this bode for the job market next year? It can only get better, says Michael Stull, senior vice president of Milwaukee-based global staffing firm ManpowerGroup North America. “We expect the momentum, especially at the beginning of the year, to pick back up in the job markets,” Stull says. “While we see high unemployment, we also see a lot of job openings.”
Use this momentous year to prepare yourself for an evolving job market. With companies expanding their concept of the American workforce, this means there will be more opportunities to work from home permanently. Even the chance to step into new roles you once thought were limited. This idea of putting yourself out there may seem daunting, but with our guide to finding a new job, you’ll be more than ready to step into the 2021 workforce!
Be confident!

Having confidence and a positive attitude can go a long way. Having a resume with many educational accolades is one thing, yet if you can’t project all that you have to offer with confidence, a potential employer might choose to look elsewhere. Throw out the old school notions of looking perfect on paper. Trust your ability to learn and grow within any company. Remember to smile and make eye contact.

A great way to exude confidence is by having a strong interview. The key to presenting yourself confidently during an interview is by practicing. Practice interviewing with loved ones. Practice speaking clearly in the mirror. Take a look at your body language when you speak. Are you speaking too softly, is your voice shaky where it should be strong and assertive? Are you hunched over? Ask for feedback on your responses to basic questions. Get “interview ready” with these 15 interview questions!

Focus on your strengths!

Write out your strengths to have a better understanding of what kind of job you’d be good at. Another fantastic way to gain confidence is by making a list of all of your strengths. Sit down with your thoughts, reflect on all the personal growth you’ve had this past year. Write down things you’ve discovered about yourself and ways you’ve improved during the shelter in place.

For example, you really value things being neat and orderly. You’d write that down as a strength and mark it under “being organized”. You may like working with your hands or projects that appeal to your creativity. Take note of all these things. When you’re done writing, circle the words that stand out to you. This type of list will give you a clearer understanding of the type of employee you are – or desire to be!

Freshen up your resume!

It’s time to dust off your resume. When was the last time you updated it? If it’s been longer than 6-12 months, it’s time to freshen it up. “One mistake people frequently make is to wait to revise their resume until they find a job opportunity that interests them. That prevents them from applying for the position right away. And by the time they have an updated version ready to submit, it may be too late. So, don’t delay.” Robert Half

Resumes aren’t just about where you worked and how long you attended school. Modern jobs are looking for potential employees to show personal growth inside and outside of their work experience. Create a section within your resume for new skills and applications you are now versed in because of your previous job experiences. Apps like Slack, Monday, or Google Workspace can be helpful. These digital task management apps showcase your organizational skills as well as your ability to evolve in any position. Another outside the box section is charity and community service work that you and your family contribute to. This type of service will look appealing to family oriented establishments and or companies heavily involved in philanthropy.

Research jobs in your area!

Research jobs in your area based on your specific criteria. The reason employers interview candidates is to determine if they’re a good fit for their company. This mindset is just as important for you to have when considering where you want to work. Simply applying anywhere and hoping it will be “a good fit” isn’t ideal for a long term happiness within a job.

Take the time to research job openings in your area. Configure your time restraints, how you will commute, are there possible opportunities to work from home? All of these questions play a major role in choosing which job to go for. You want to be able to be the best employee possible, taking your family life into consideration will help to minimize your job list – or even expand it. “Do your research using Glassdoor’s new DEI tools to ensure that you are directing your job search toward companies that align with your values, and that provide an equitable and inclusive work environment.” Forbes

Ace your interview!

As previously shared, practicing interviewing yourself is a great way to prevent tripping up during a real life scenario. Dress the part! Even if you’re doing your interviews via video calls, your appearance matters. If you’re well put together, it shows a level of respect for yourself as well as the company trying to hire you. Pace yourself and remember to breathe. If you remain honest, open and calm it helps the interview move in a steady pace. If awkward silence happens, just smile and simply center yourself again. No need to panic! It’s okay to stumble every now and then. If you make light of it by telling the truth and acknowledging your nervousness, you may put yourself and the interviewer at ease!

Take charge of 2021 by presenting the best version of yourself! Checkexpress hopes these tips can guide you to the job of your dreams!
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