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How to Teach Your Teen About Money Management - Checkexpress

How to Teach Your Teen About Money Management

Is it time to teach your teen about money management? One of the most important lessons is the concept of finite amounts. Kids need to understand they need to make smart choices to ensure they don’t come up short.   A Checkexpress prepaid debit card is an ideal tool for helping teens learn how to manage…
Chicago's Best Money-Saving Hacks You Don't Want to Miss Out On - Checkexpress

Chicago’s Best Money Saving Hacks You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

Checking out all that Chicago has to offer doesn’t have to mean blowing your entire budget. One of the greatest things about Chicago is how much you can do for free or at a reduced cost. We collected some of the best money-saving hacks for students, families and seniors who enjoy a good deal as…

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