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Say Goodbye to Financial Stress in 2020!

Are you feeling overwhelmed about your money situation? Worried about spending your paycheck too quickly? Thinking about finances can be stressful, especially during the holiday season. No worries! Checkexpress is sharing proven tips that will help you deal with financial stress going into 2020. Just think: New Year, New Money Attitude!
Take your time! Look over your bills thoughtfully.

First, double check your bills to make sure the amount owed is correct. Then set your bills in order of the most time sensitive so you don’t miss any important due dates. We suggest you start marking due dates on your personal calendar and set reminders. OR make it even easier, set up auto pay with us! Once you get set up with our “auto pay” services, we will make sure all your monthly bills always get paid – and in the order you decide. Pay your bills quick and easily with Checkexpress bill payment services. Credit cards, cable, insurance premiums, loans, internet, and other utilities all taken care of at one place. We provide electronic bill pay to hundreds of companies fast and secure. We also offer MoneyGram ExpressPay

Start budgeting and track your spending.

Research shows that tracking expenses is an effective tool because it gives people a visual of exactly how much is going to each category (food, clothing, bills, etc). You might want to keep a daily list of how you spend your money and review it at the end of the week. Also make a list of all your accounts, you may be surprised how many different places your money goes to. Sound complicated? There’s an app for that! Using an app can automate the process of recording transactions, totaling expenses by category and tracking progress toward goals. Check out these helpful money tracking apps!

Get your cell phone under control!

Large cell phone providers lock customers in with year long contracts and continue to raise your monthly bill.  Take back control over over-priced cell phone bills! How? Start using prepaid phones. Many people tend to think that pay-as-you-go phones may not be beneficial to them but don’t rule it out just yet. As many as 25% of people own pay-as-you-go phones in the United States. Prepaid phones come with a set spending limit every month so there are no surprises!

Say Goodbye to Financial Stress in 2020! - Checkexpress
Find new ways to have fun – for FREE!

Through out the year (and especially the holiday season), it can feel almost impossible to avoid social situations which require you spend money…that you didn’t plan on spending when you budgeted. However, limiting your time at places such as shopping malls, restaurants, and movie theaters can help you manage over-spending. Choose an alternative social activity without spending money…

  • Get Messy: Bake cookies with family or do an art project together
  • Play Time: Host a game night or start a sports league
  • Help Others: Volunteer in your community with a group of friends
  • Enjoy Nature: Go for a group hike in the forest preserve
Set a limit for yourself and others.

A simple way to avoid opportunities for impulsive spending is by leaving credit and debit cards at home. Only bring a specific amount of cash out with you, OR start using Checkexpress Prepaid Debit Cards! This way you’ll be able to set the amount of money you are willing to spend ahead of time, eliminating stress when you are out so you can actually enjoy yourself. This goes for your significant other and children as well! Set limits for the whole family so you can all work together for financial success.

Remember to breathe…

When the topic of money comes up, do you feel yourself tense up? Maybe your breath gets shallow? Try controlling your breathing and meditation while working on your finances. Mindfully focus on the positive aspects of paying your bills on time, such as boosting your credit score or providing a safe home for your kids! Here are some great meditation/breathing apps for managing stress.

Ask for support.

Research shows that having a support system can help you reach your goals. You’re not in this alone! Surround yourself with people you trust, will support your financial goals and want to see you succeed.

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Contact us today to learn how Checkexpress can get you on the right track with your finances for 2020. We wish you a happy, joyful New Year!