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5 Fun Ways to Spend Father's Day with Dad - Checkexpress

5 Fun Ways to Spend Father’s Day with Dad

Every year in May we celebrate our moms and all the wonderful things they do for us every day. Just a few short weeks later, we celebrate the other most important person in our lives: our fathers. A whole day is dedicated to our dad (or other father figure) to shower them with cards, gifts…
You’ll Fall In Love with these Valentine’s Day Events in Chicago - CheckExpress

You’ll Fall In Love with these Valentine’s Day Events in Chicago

Love is in the Air in Chicago… We see hearts, flowers and chocolate advertised on social media as well as in the print advertising in our mailboxes. School kids get excited to see who might be their special valentine, significant others are dropping hints and even the idea of love and romance gets laughed at…
Celebrate NYE Without Breaking the Bank - CheckExpress

Celebrate New Years Eve Without Breaking the Bank

Everyone loves ringing in New Year’s Eve with family and friends, but the common complaints are that event spaces charge too much, throwing parties in the home become costly because of the alcohol and food catering, airfare increases in price, and holiday spending becomes over the top. Don’t let expenses rain on your parade! There…

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