5 Ways Checkexpress Gives You What You Need, When You Need It - Checkexpress

5 Ways Checkexpress Gives You What You Need, When You Need It

As your calendar begins to fill up with meetings, kids activities, managing work/school schedules, and balancing social plans, it’s easy to let errands take the back burner and pile up. Before you take the time running back and forth (between the bank, DMV, your cellular phone provider, and everyone in between) consider these 5 fast ways that Checkexpress will save you time, simplify your schedule, and have you quickly on your way with anything you need…

Vehicle Title and Registration

Is it time to renew your license plate sticker? Or are you in need of new license plates? Avoid the long lines at the DMV because we’ve got you covered! Our expert team registers your vehicle and gets you or your new driver quickly on your way (read this blog for more information). We are an authorized agent for the Illinois Secretary of State which allows us to process all types of vehicle registration transactions.

5 Ways Checkexpress Gives You What You Need, When You Need It - Checkexpress
Foreign Currency Exchange

Whether you are heading off on a dreamy international vacation or you just landed in the U.S. with Euros still in your pocket, make Checkexpress your go-to stop to and from the airport.  Checkexpress Currency Exchanges can instantly exchange your foreign currency* for US dollars.

Are you getting ready to plan your holiday travels? This winter the top affordable  vacation spots for singles are the Florida Keys, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, San Diego, and Tulum, Mexico to name just a few. For more information on travel locations, check out this helpful travel article!

Debit Card Load and Unload

ATM limits frustrating you? Tired of making multiple withdrawals from the same ATM? At Checkexpress, we process withdrawals from your debit card for any amount* and provide you with the cash immediately! Need a lot of cash? Need just a little?  Doesn’t matter, get the cash in the amount and denominations you want at one of our 7 locations at your convenience. Stay up to date on these pro tips for debit card safety!

  • Limits set by your bank may restrict the maximum withdrawal per day
5 Ways Checkexpress Gives You What You Need, When You Need It - Checkexpress
Cellular Product Services

Looking to use a mobile phone without the contract or commitment of other wireless phone providers? We are your prepaid phone product headquarters. Our products allow you to load minutes to most prepaid phone providers (domestic/international). Whether you are looking to purchase a pay-as-you-go phone for your teen or calling cards for a trip overseas, we’ve got you covered. Learn why prepaid phones are a great option to get your teen started responsibly with a cell phone.

  • Checkexpress offers the following cellular services: Prepaid Cell Phones and Prepaid Calling Cards for local, long distance, and international.
Bill Payment Service

Be sure to take advantage of our bill payment services. Credit cards, cable, insurance premiums, loans, internet, and other utilities all taken care of at one place! We provide electronic bill pay to hundreds of companies fast and secure. Checkexpress also offers MoneyGram and ExpressPay!

At Checkexpress, we offer over 30 convenient financial services, and with over 85 years of experience in the check cashing and financial services industry, we are the premier source of knowledge and solutions to expertly handle your financial needs.
All Checkexpress currency exchange locations are licensed, regulated and supervised by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Currency Exchange Division. If you have any questions, please contact us today!