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Valentine’s Day Fun on a Budget: Spoil Yourself/Your Partner

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of LOVE! It doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship or single. Everyone should be able to enjoy this special day without worrying about breaking the bank! Did you know there’s lots of  ways to make yourself or your partner feel like a million bucks without spending more than $100
Checkexpress has curated a lovely Valentine’s Day guide that is sure to help you find the perfect event and gift for your loved one, even on a budget…
Love is a Special Dish Best Served with JOY

Cooking classes on a budget! Have you been longing to take a cooking class with your partner, but they were all a bit too expensive? Well here’s an awesome Yelp list of affordable partner cooking classes: Top 10 best couples cooking classes 

Let Your Love Bloom with a Little Bit of Spring

Fresh flowers with a twist: Build a bouquet together! Tony’s Fresh Market has a great selection of beautiful flowers. They offer bundles of flowers 3 for $12. You can pick out your partner’s favorite flowers and create a meaningful bouquet together. Find a Tony’s near you.

To be or not to be…Happy at the Theatre That is the Question!

See a show (for a discount!) during Chicago Theatre Week: Starting on February 13th, Chicago Theatre Week is a great chance for theatre-goers to enjoy discounted tickets to a date night at more than 120 different performances across the city. Impress your date with a classic opera, laugh it up at The Second City, get messy at Blue Man Group, and more. Tickets are on sale now, and Valentine’s Day shows are sure to go fast: Chicago Theatre Week 

Lets Go Hunting for a Good Time

Go on a scavenger hunt through the Art Institute of Chicago: The Art Institute of Chicago is going au natural for a unique scavenger hunt on Saturday, Feb. 15. During the Naked at the Art Museum Scavenger Hunt ($38), guests will embark on an artistic adventure in search of various clues hidden around the museum in nude-related pieces of art: Lets go hunting.

Valentine's Day Fun on a Budget: Spoil Yourself/Your Partner - Checkexpress
FREE Gifts That Say “I LOVE YOU“
A Cute Mug for their Cute Mug

Coffee or tea lover in your life? Decorate a mug for them: Grab some oil-based sharpies and add their name, your anniversary date, or an inside joke to their fave mug (or a new one!). To make your message permanent, bake the mug in the oven at 250° for 2 hours. Then, they’ll have a one-of-a-kind piece that will always remind them of you…

Take Them Back to Simpler Times with “Forget-Me-Nots”

Love You“ Reminders: Cover their mirror with sweet Post-It notes. List all the things you love about them on pretty notes. Then, if you really want to go for it, stick them in a heart shape.

It’s the thought that counts, let them see your favorite memories!

Make a “Valen-timeline: Highlight all of your favorite past moments together. Print out photos you love from moments you’ve shared, and jot down the details of each event on the back. Try to remember as much as you can, so you both can look back on all the good times. Hang them in order on (you know, like a timeline) them to find.

Valentine's Day Fun on a Budget: Spoil Yourself/Your Partner - Checkexpress
Fill Their Heart Without Emptying Your Bank Account: 
Buy a meaningful gift under $50!

Snuggle up to someone you miss (that can’t physically be with you): Get a “Full of love blanket” take your favorite picture and turn it into a comfy blanket. So even if they can’t be with them on Valentine’s Day, you can still  snuggle them: Lets get cuddling  under $40. 

Romantic and Funny Fortune Cookies: Take these fortune cookies to the next level when you fill them up with custom messages. You can be funny, romantic, or just plain silly with them, making it the perfect gift for that secret crush so you can test the water and see how they respond: Love in a cookie under $20

Wishing on a Star? Your Night Sky – Was it your first kiss, the birth of a child or that moment you realize your world had changed. Give a gift of the stars to always remember that special night. Create an 18″ x 24″ star map of the night your heart skipped a beat. Printed on the finest Art Matte paper with over 200gsm weight. This wall art is of the highest quality: Stars and love under $50

Set of 5 Travel-Size Body Washes (PLANT APOTHECARY): This organic skincare brand has a range of five body washes with different scents to suit any mood. One even evokes the feeling of, ahem, getting it on, thanks to the sensual notes of sandalwood, cedar, and ginger. Under $30 

Celebrate Loving Your Best Friends:
Enjoy ALL Star Weekend in Chicago

NBA All Star Weekend: Can’t afford tickets to the NBA All-Star Game, but still want to get in on the festivities with friends or a valentine? Head to NBA Crossover, which transforms a portion of Navy Pier into a destination for basketball fans. Once inside, you’ll be able to explore an exhibition of memorabilia, shop a selection of exclusive NBA merchandise, attend discussions with NBA players, catch live music performances and take part in interactive basketball activities: For the win!

Discover Chicago’s Fascinating Art community 

NEvermore PArk: Do you and your friends love ART or a fans of Flyboy and Lil Mama, they’ll love local artist Hebru Brantley’s latest project: an immersive origin story for his most famous creations. Named after a fictional Chicago neighborhood, Nevermore Park takes visitors through 6,000 square feet of installation that begin in a traditional art gallery before quickly transitioning to fantastical environments that feature a crashed rocket ship, a Pullman train car and thick fog clouds. Chicago Local artist.

Valentine's Day Fun on a Budget: Spoil Yourself/Your Partner - Checkexpress
Pets Need Love Too!
Doggy Valentine’s Day Block Party 

How pawsome is this: Bring Your furry Valentine for some sweet fun! This event will feature raffles, bobbing for hot dogs, goodie bags (while supplies last), and lots of love and kisses: Dog v-day

Playdates on Valentine’s Day for your Furry Friends 

PALentine Day Pup-UP: Show your dog some love and celebrate PALentine’s Day at Bosly’s Backyard pup-up on Saturday, February 15th!Let your dog release those pent-up winter zoomies at this one-of-a-kind indoor dog park pup-up! The space is great for those dogs who need off leash play time without interference from other dogs or the outside world. Your dog will have the chance to run, jump, play as the only dog in this indoor dog park. There will be dog play equipment, toys, and enrichment games, but feel free to bring your dog’s favorite toys and treats: PALetine Day .

Flying Solo Can be Quite the Adventure
Mix It Up with Strangers!

Singles Mingle: Join over 200 Singles at our Valentine’s Day Singles Party! With music and dancing, fun icebreakers, complimentary appetizers, a cash bar, and fun prizes: Singles only!

Enjoy a Night In or Your Favorite Activity…

Ideas for Everyone: When’s the last time you enjoyed a spa day, a movie marathon with your favorite goodies, or tried a new class at the gym? This article is full of ways for singles to enjoy the day!

There are many ways to express how you feel about someone, as well as show yourself some love too! The most meaningful way is to put thoughtfulness into your plans. That’s why Checkexpress is here to help our customers, we value your loyalty and happiness!

 Happy Valentines Day Everyone! We hope you enjoy your celebrations. Need cash? You know where to go!


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