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Convenient Ways Checkexpress is Here for You On-the-Go

School is back in session and the fall leaves have begun changing color! We know this is a busy time of year and your personal/professional calendars become filled with daily obligations. With little time between school pickups, work meetings, soccer practice, and then trying to get dinner on the table, it can be hard to squeeze in time-sensitive errands, especially on weeknights. Avoid the long lines at the bank and DMV by visiting one of our 7 Checkexpress locations. We’re here to offer you fast, convenient financial services for when you’re on the go!

Quick Money Transfer

One way Checkexpress makes life easier is through our Money Transfer service. Securely send money directly to any person or business with money transfers via MoneyGram and Western Union. To help you better understand how money transfer services work, here are answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions about Western Union and MoneyGram. Money transfers can be sent across the world and are usually available in as little as 10 minutes – imagine the time it would save you!

Instant Chicago City Sticker Renewal

Do you live in Chicago or commute into the city daily? We provides instant Chicago City Stickers! Why wait for your City Sticker? At Checkexpress, you’ll leave with your City Sticker in hand! Did you just move to Chicago? You must purchase a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker within 30 days of residing in the City to avoid late fees and fines. 

Did you know: “All Chicago residents driving and/or parking a vehicle for which they are responsible in the City of Chicago must purchase a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker. This includes Chicago residents that maintain their registration outside of the City of Chicago, but use the vehicle in the City.” Learn more at the City of Chicago City Clerk’s website.

Convenient Prepaid Debit Cards

Keep your life running smoothly with Prepaid Debit Cards. This service is perfect for a new college student living on their own for the first time, teaching your children the value of money and responsibility without the risk of over-drafting, or for funding your next adventure on a budget! Be sure to check out our tips for using a debit card safely!

We sell and load Green Dot Prepaid Debit Cards at Checkexpress! Using our prepaid debit card services, you can:

  • Obtain a new debit card
  • Load funds on an existing debit card
  • Experience the convenience of a credit card without the bills
  • Use it wherever VISA is accepted
  • Have peace of mind with FDIC insurance
Personalized Direct Deposit

Checkexpress offers Direct Deposit options provide you with the ultimate flexibility – as personal as your favorite coffee order! Want your Direct Deposit as a paper check? No problem! Want your Direct Deposit on a debit card? No problem! Want your Direct Deposit in cash? No problem! Your money, your way!

Our Direct Deposit options give you the power to decide. Receive a check, debit card, cash or a combination of all three. The choice is yours! Avoid the long lines at the bank with our direct deposit services. Need cash? Get cash without ATM fees, fund your next pumpkin flavored treat, or your trip to an apple orchard or pumpkin patch!

Time-Saving Business Check Cashing

Checkexpress makes it easy to cash a wide variety of consumer checks with our Check Cashing services. Do you frequently receive personal checks? You no longer have to constantly go to the bank… Learn more here!

Do you need to cash a business check as well? We can take care of those too. Talk about saving time! Our business check cashing service makes it easy for your business to get cash quickly. Our partners at Express Capital Solutions are fit to handle a wide variety of business needs.

Checkexpress is ready to keep you on schedule with a variety of quick financial services making life a little easier when you’re on the go. We provide 30+ financial services paired with over 85 years of experience, we’re ready to handle Chicagoland’s financial needs. Visit one of our 7 currency exchange locations or contact us for questions regarding the service we offer!